We were first hired by Cydcor to cover their 2013 conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and since then we’ve created over 200 videos for Cydcor at locations all across the United States—and we’re still going! 

Cydcor is a mid-level marketing company headquartered just outside of Los Angeles in Agoura Hills, California. Each year, they host conferences in cities around the country for thousands of their marketing and sales professionals.

Our most recent project with Cydcor was filming their most recent conference in January 2016 in Austin, Texas.

What exactly do we do at conferences? As you will see from our examples below, we do a lot. We create unique branding for each event, we edit videos on-site, turning around videos within hours for use during the conference, and we do it all creatively and efficiently to make the most of our time on-site. 

Conference Coverage

Nashville, Tennessee & Toronto, Canada – 2015

Four members of the Zerosun crew attended two of Cydcor’s national conferences, each four days in length. We conducted dozens of interviews, cut multiple promos on-site, and brought home enough footage to continue building videos for months afterwards. 


Cydcor Nashville:Toronto Branding.png



For “@ the Top” conferences, we created six profile videos used to transition conference sessions, three conference recap videos (including one social media cut), and have used extra footage from the conferences in nearly a dozen other videos, including end-of-year recap videos and transitional videos for the upcoming conference in Austin. They were a big hit with conference attendees.

R&R Cancun – 2015

Cydcor’s R&R conference is all about work hard, play hard, which we were able to creatively capture over a three-day shoot with just two crew members.


R and R branding.png


Footage from R&R Cancun was used to make three promotional videos (including one for Instagram), as well as add fun content to overall and year-end promotional videos.


The Real Rising Stars of Los Angeles:

This project was unlike any other we’d done for Cydcor in the past. The Rising Stars are a group of select sales professionals who have managed to out-perform the majority of their peers at Cydcor. To reward these 20 individuals, Cydcor sends them on a long weekend vacation full of pampering and networking with top executives at the company.

We’ve covered the Rising Stars event before, but this time around we pitched Cydcor on doing it as a reality show. They loved the idea, and we went for it!

A four-person crew spent four days in LA capturing the fabulous life of the 2015 class of rising stars as they stayed in a Beverly Hills Mansion, got fitted for suits, and were treated to the “suite life” at a Lakers game—oh, and no reality show would be complete without a confessional cam, right?


Unique branding was developed for this series, including a heavily animated intro that gives the video just the right amount of reality show flare. 

Rising Stars Branding.png


Four 3-5 minute episodes of “The Real Rising Stars of Los Angels” plus one promo were created to be shown at Cydcor’s 2016 conference in Austin, Texas. The show was a big hit among conference-goers--as many of the "Rising Stars" were present at the event.