Zerosun re-launches their new brand, new website and new style just in time for 2015.

Unvieling a new look can be deceptively difficult.  We've had a pretty established logo and look to the Zerosun brand for the last two and a half years.  Andrew, our Creative Director had done a phenomenal job developing it for us.  But, alas, it was time for us to evolve a bit.  We didn't full out change the way things looked, we just grew it up a bit.  More simplicity, more punch.  And that is what you see now splashed all across the website.

The new website will so speak more specifically to companies looking to bring a name to a brand, and to advertising and marketing companies looking to hire a professional creative agency to produce top notch videos for their clients.  We now are only showcasing our best work.  Before, when we had pages and pages and pages (and pages...) of work on our PORTFOLIO section, it became increasingly more difficult for clients to pinpoint their needs and also, it was just becoming too busy for the eye.  Now, we are only displaying our top and most recent work.  So if there is a project in mind that you may not see on display, be sure to talk to James or Michelle and they can find what you're looking for.

The blog now will only feature commentary on our projects as well as continue the Behind the Scenes videos that we shoot for our clients.  Again, the purpose here is to be simple.  For our audience to see what they experience when working with an experienced production and creative crew, and to get a glimpse into the other work that we may not be showcasing on our portfolio.

So please be patient as the website continues to beef up here over the next couple months, and thank you for visiting out website!