Cydcor Corporate

After working with Cydcor on their conference videos for about two years, they came to us with an entirely different request. The marketing team wanted us to produce creative recruitment videos for Cydcor that would show off their newly built headquarters in Agoura Hills, California.

In the end, we captured footage for nine videos in just four days of shooting. As you will see below, the videos were further broken down into mini-campaigns, each unique from the others but with a consistent style that could work together as a whole. 

Campaign Part 1: 

“The Work Space”, “Cool Factor”, and “Where We Work”

These three videos were each 20 seconds long, used to promote the new Cydcor headquarters office—it was our job to show it off as a modern office space that encourages collaboration, innovation, and fun. 

cydcor corporate pt 1.png


Watch "Cool Factor":


Campaign Part 2:

“Work Hard, Play Hard”, “Quality Assurance”, and “Territory Management”

None of these videos were planned in pre-production. Instead, they were a result of spontaneous, creative thinking and a desire to get the most for our clients. After the second day of shooting, we had captured most of what we needed and we had time to kill. Instead of taking time off on Cydcor’s dime, we came up with a few concepts on the fly.

These fun, quirky videos became some of our favorites, and they really show off the playfulness of the employees and the overall culture at Cydcor. Since we were already paid for our shooting days, the only added cost for these videos was a few hours in the editing room.

Cydcor corporate pt. 2.png


Watch "Work Hard, Play Hard":