James Joliat: Executive Producer / Director



Began his career in Hollywood with a handful of internships with Richard Donner Productions (Lethal Weapon, Superman, Goonies) and later on with multiple TV stations in Michigan (ABC & PBS) before becoming a production assistant with Fox Sports Detroit. To this day, FSD is one of the largest and most-watched regional sports networks in the country, continually carrying the best ratings for teams in their respective sports markets (Detroit Red Wings/NHL, Detroit Tigers/MLB).


Within two years, Joliat had solidified a position as Producer on Fox Sports Detroit’s weekly shows and documentary specials; writing, shooting, directing talent, editing, and learning many other facets of the production process.  He earned four regional Emmy Awards in just two years as a Producer and was the youngest producer ever to earn an Emmy at FSD.

After several years at Fox Sports Detroit, Joliat moved to Denver to startup Zerosun Creative. Since the inception of Zerosun in 2009, Joliat has produced over 650 video projects, including many for broadcast.  His specialties in all aspects of production are what make him stand out.  It's rare a Director can work all cameras, has knowledge in lighting, knows all forms of editing software and can direct and communicate with large scale crews and clients.  He has experience dealing with projects from beginning to end, budgets and financials, and has his hands in every project from pre-production to delivery.    

Highly vocal and easy to work with, Joliat places the creative process at the forefront of importance - with the end goal always being, that the project being produced is as unique and original as anything he's ever done.  Whether the ideas originate from the client, internally from his Creative Director, or straight from him, Joliat can direct and produce projects of all sizes and skill level.

To learn more about James, visit www.jamesjoliat.com.