Visual stunning and creative – A promotional piece with an intimate tone.

This shoot really pushed the boundaries for Zerosun. It wasn’t the norm for us – where there’s usually tons of people around us, very busy, lots of interviews, etc…no, this was much more intimate. Troy Guard, the owner/chef at TAG (his initials, if you hadn’t figured that out  ) met us on a Saturday morning for a one on one field production. With Devon and James on the 5D/slide dolly and the handheld 7D, respectively, Tim and Phil worked the lighting and fog machine as we set out to create an environment/video we hadn’t delivered before. This also needs a bit of kudos to go to Troy, for letting us do our job that day – but also his wife Leigh who is becoming more and more fascinated by our skills with each new video Zsun produced for her.

A lotta fun and a really cool video.