Zerosun Creative is frequently hired out to give companies all over the world peace of mind when they are in need of a dependable, reliable and versatile production crew.

Whether you need a Director and a camera crew for a day, or you need interviews filmed and the footage delivered, we have you covered.

Our crew is extremely flexible with scheduling and because all our cameras, lights, audio and equipment are in-house, we can gear up and take care of all your needs.  Please check out our EQUIPMENT page.  

Our day rates vary, so please email for more information.  Depending on the amount of crew and cameras, variations of gear and equipment, setup, hours and transfer time... all of these factor into the budget.  


Here are just a few recent examples:


Gragg Advertising:  December 2015

The folks over at Gragg Advertising contacted Zerosun after a Google search borught up our services in Denver.  They needed a Producer, a Director of Photography, a second camera and a Photographer for a 10 hour Field Production at Red Stone College in Broomfield, CO.  

We assembled the crew, utilizing the C300 / C100 for video, and a 5D MarkIII for the photography.  After a full day of shooting with multiple locations and a variety of shoot environments, we transfered all raw footage / photos to a hard drive and shipped it FedEx Next Day Air to Kansas City for Gragg's post production.

This was a custom production, involving overtime hours, a unique crew and equipment and a super fast transfer and delivery of the content.  They needed a solid crew who could take conrol in a unscouted environment and accumulate as much creative footage and photography as possible in a limited amount of time. 



Nomad Media:  January 2016

Nomad Media, headquarted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, ( contacted Zerosun (found through Google search) in late 2015 in need of a quick booking of our field production services to shoot two executive interviews in downtown Denver.   The needed a capable producer to understand the content (health information exchange and technology) and conduct interviews with high level personnel.  30GB of interview footage was then uploaded to dropbox and delivered over night for their edit.  



Joseph Seif Visuals / Genentech:  May 2015

Mr. Seif and Genentech, based out of San Francisco, contacted Zerosun for a full day, full crew field production utilizing our Red Epic M-Dragon camera system.  They needed a local contact / Producer who could help them scout some unique shooting locations and provide them with a reliable and creative crew to help them with their shoot.  James helped Joe book the McNichols Building in downtown Denver for filming the interviews, craft services for 12 crewmembers, a lighting technician, a sound mixer, an assistant Director of Photography, an HD makeup and hair stylist, a Production Assistant and other crew members to conduct interviews and capture unique footage of the helicon sculpture.  In addition to utilizing most of the Zerosun production equipment, we rented additional lighting as well.  The other shooting location was the Colorado Convention Center.  Check out the video here.

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