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Zerosun shoots on RED.

Advancing to the leading edge of technology, Zerosun is proud to own and operate a RED Epic-M Dragon, arguably the most incredible camera on the market today. Capturing 6K resolution with nearly 15 stops of dynamic range, the new RED DRAGON sensor eclipses 35mm film in both latitude and image density. Each 19.4 megapixel frame has 9 times more pixels than 1080p HD.  And it can capture 100 frames every second at 6K resolution, all 'RAW', enabling unsurpassed flexibility in post production. The added benefit of delivering high-quality stills directly from video footage is not only an unprecedented value for marketers, but results in stunning images, unattainable for even pro photographers with DSLRs. 

This camera has already proved itself in Hollywood, and has now made its way to Denver's finest creative group.  To ensure we're harnessing the full power of this beast, Zerosun's Director of Photography, Devon Walton, trained with pro cinematographers in Los Angeles to be RED Certified.  With the exceptional power of this camera in our arsenal, Zerosun is at the leading edge of digital filmmaking.


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Want the RED?

Hire the Director and Crew at Zerosun for your next big project.  If you're an advertising agency and looking for an experienced and visual production house, Zerosun is the one-stop shop for all your project needs.  Email the Director / Executive Producer, James Joliat, at  

If you're interested in the Red Epic M-Dragon and it's gear package with Devon Walton, our Director of Photography, shoot him an email at