Zerosun's Crew brings your vision to reality. Not clear on that vision? We’ll help you develop that too.


James Joliat

Director / Executive Producer - James is a four-time Emmy Award-winning producer, director, and editor. Over the past eight years, Joliat has developed Zerosun Creative’s workflow to be the most advanced of its kind, utilizing cutting edge software and camera technology. He developed his roots at Fox Sports, producing engaging, high quality content for television and has overseen the production of over five hundred projects at Zerosun - including promotional videos, commercials, branded entertainment and web series. James is unique in his style because he understands every level of production, from shooting and editing to writing and project development.


Andrew Morrisey

Creative Director - Andrew has worked for a handful of TV networks and production companies in his career. He can direct, produce write, edit, storyboard, design and animate. He has a simplistic approach, helping the company create original and unique content you’ve never seen before. He works closely with our Executive Producer to give clients and their projects the most hands-on attention.


Devon Walton

Director of Photography - Devon has a B.S.M. in Music Industry Studies from the University of Colorado at Denver. With a decade of experience working in the industry, Walton possesses a vast knowledge of camera equipment, lenses and techniques. His talent for visual storytelling and ability to add musical accompaniment make him one of the most gifted editors in the region.

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Dani Thompson

Producer - Dani received her Master's degree in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park and was awarded 5 student Emmy awards for a documentary series she contributed to while earning her degree. Dani started as an intern with Zerosun in 2014 and has quickly climbed up the ranks as a reliable, organized and energetic part of the crew. In her producer role, Dani enjoys combining her talents as a creative storyteller, meticulous editor, and communications maven to tackle any project that comes her way.

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Cinematographer - Tyler grew up in the mountains of Idaho with a camera in his hand. He would film any adventure that he could, expanding both his cinematography and editing skills. Tyler pursued his education at the University of Montana and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Video Production. He worked for several years in Montana shooting short documentaries, commercial and passion projects before moving to Denver. Combining his outdoor experience with traditional schooling allows Tyler to get creative shots in any situation and brings a wide range of skills to Zerosun.

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Evan Kruse

Assistant Producer + Director - Evan has far too many hobbies to be healthy (aquariums, popcorn, and coffee mugs to name a few). His dual degrees in film production and creative writing from the University of Iowa give Evan a unique perspective in the production process. His creative works have been screened in art museums and film festivals around the country. Evan’s got an eye for composition and a knack for narrative—talents that make him a solid member of the Zerosun team.


Benjamin Harris

Animation / Graphics - Ben has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from the Art Institute of Colorado. Harris won the Best Portfolio award in his class and shows an impeccable ability to develop new age graphics and branding with over six year working in the field. He has developed brand assets for some of Zerosun Creative’s biggest clients and continues to wow everyone around him with his creative oversight and ability to work within high pressure timelines.



Zerosun Mascot - Archer is an interesting fellow. His background is sketchy... but was rescued by James back in 2010 from the Dumb Friends League. His original name was "Buddy" - but that wouldn't last. So, because of his owner's love of the movie Blood Diamond, and also the acting of ability of Leonardo DiCaprio, this Australian Shepherd Mix got his name. He's super neurotic, and definitely has a few screws loose, but he has unlimited energy and creativity, just like the Zerosun team.